Episode 38: How Alberta Doctors are using social media

In Episode 38 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, host Linda Hoang chats with Leopold McGinnis and Stephanie Usher of the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) about the association’s approach to social media, how it has used social media to communicate to the public and support its members during contract negotiations with the province, successes, challenges, lessons learned, how the AMA used TikTok, and advice to share for other social media managers.

This episode was recorded and produced virtually via Zoom, so, apologies for the less than perfect, but actually not too bad, audio quality!

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Here’s just a few insights the Alberta Medical Association shared about social media during this podcast episode:

“It’s (social media) a great engagement and listening tool to understand what conversations are happening out there. You can’t sit down at people’s dinner tables and hear what they’re saying about the health care system but you can go on Twitter and get connected to those communities you can hear what doctors’ concerns are about, you can hear what the public’s concerns are about so that’s been really useful in informing our organization about what we should focus on.”

“It’s about developing tools, capacities, processes to spread that expertise around which I think is a huge component of our success and any organization’s success. It’s hard to just have one person be the voice of the organization. It’s super key that we have built those connections within our organization so we can be fast but also be correct.”

“There was maybe an expectation that we are this 115-year organization that is very formal and we’re not going to do well if it comes to playing on a new medium like Twitter or something like that but no. We’re not just one bag of tricks. And that really got people engaged. Oh maybe the AMA is not just a stuffy organization.”

“We really focused on how do make sure there is an interior network so information on social media is flowing up to people and they’re aware of it, and then their information is flowing down to us. And that is unusual, for those conversations that are happening behind closed doors at the top of the organization down to (those of us who are managing social media).”

About the Alberta Medication Association

For over 100 years, the Alberta Medication Association has represented and advocated for Alberta physicians and their patients. The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.

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About Leopold McGinnis

Leopold McGinnis is the Web and Social Media Manager for the Alberta Medical Association. He holds a Bachelors in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a Masters of Information from the University of Toronto. He has been managing and designing websites and intranets for nearly two decades and social media for about five years. When he isn’t white-knuckling the AMA’s social media accounts or proselytizing proper user experience design he enjoys programming, writing, reading and video gaming.

About Stephanie Usher 

Stephanie Usher has worked in business communications for 8.5 years, six of which has been with the Alberta Medical Association’s Public Affairs team. Steph’s work is specialized in digital media including internal/external website and social media coordination, and integrated digital communications planning/development. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Concordia University of Edmonton, a Public Relations Diploma and Web Design and Development Certificate from MacEwan University, and this past spring, Stephanie graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts after-degree (a.k.a., “Bonus BA) in Psychology.

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