Episode 7: All the Stories

In Episode 7 of Don't Call Me a Guru, Linda and Tyler discuss ALL the social media Stories - Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Messenger Stories Day - why all the copycatting? Which Stories should you be using? What should your Stories strategy be? What are the differences? What do Story features mean for organizations and their social media efforts?  Listen … Continue reading Episode 7: All the Stories

Episode 6: Is Twitter Dead? (Hint: No)

In Episode 6 of Don't Call Me a Guru, we are joined by Jennifer Hollett, Twitter Canada's Head of News. Jennifer was the keynote speaker at iMEDIA conference in March. We spoke with Jennifer about Twitter abuse/harassment, impactful hashtag use (including using hashtags for movements and making hashtags work for your brand), and Jennifer answered the question: … Continue reading Episode 6: Is Twitter Dead? (Hint: No)

Episode 2: Social Media for Non-Profits

In Episode 2 of Don't Call Me a Guru, we have a great conversation about social media in the non-profit sector with Devin Komarniski, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Bissell Centre. Devin has worked in Edmonton’s non-profit sector for over 10 years, focusing the last six in marketing and communications for Hope Mission and … Continue reading Episode 2: Social Media for Non-Profits