Episode 40: Artist AJA Louden’s Approach to Social Media

In Episode 40 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, host Linda Hoang chats with amiskwaciwâskahikan (Treaty 6, Edmonton, Alberta)-based artist AJA Louden who shares his approach to using social media as an artist—benefits, challenges, considerations around Instagram’s effect on art, providing value online, an exciting local project called Paint the Rails and more! AJA’s insights are a must for any established or up-and-coming artist, but broader social media lessons can also be gleaned for those working in social media outside of the arts industry. 

This episode was recorded and produced virtually via Zoom, so, apologies for the less than perfect, but actually not too bad, audio quality!

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Here’s just a few excerpts from the conversation with AJA Louden:

“Don’t bullshit. It’s unsustainable. You have to produce such a volume of content and engagement, the faker you are, the hardest it is.”

“If all art was made with Instagram in mind, I wonder if it would start to look like the algorithm. I wonder what we would lose if things started to boil down like that.”

“I wouldn’t be a full time artist if social media didn’t exist.” 

“Being an artist right now is drastically different than being an artist any other time in the past and particularly because of our relationship with social media and what’s expected from that relationship.”

“I want to give value to people. I want to do something that enriches people’s lives and if I can do that with my posts too, then I’m happy to share more of that. It comes back to adding value for people.”

“Storytelling is important to me. That’s one of the things I like about being on social media is I can tell more of the story about my work when I’m telling it on social media as opposed to saying it in front of a camera for news media and they edit it how they edit it and that’s how it comes out.”

About AJA Louden

AJA is an artist based in amiskwaciwâskahikan (Treaty 6, Edmonton, Alberta). AJA Louden Studios creates inspiring, memorable interior and exterior artworks, boldly transforming everyday spaces into landmarks – the goal is making cities and spaces more inspiring, engaging, informed and thoughtful through strategic and compassionate use of creativity.

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