Episode 41: 2021 Social Media Trends + The Return of Tyler Jack Butler

In Episode 41 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, former podcast co-host and co-founder Tyler Jack Butler makes his triumphant return! Plus: Tyler and Linda discuss some social media trends and strategies for 2021 as is usually the case for a January episode. 

This episode was recorded and produced virtually via Zoom, so, apologies for the not-so-great audio quality, but Ep. 42 and beyond will have higher quality audio, we promise. 

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Linda Hoang Tyler Jack Butler - Dont Call Me a Guru Podcast

Here’s just a few excerpts from Episode 41 as co-founders and co-hosts Linda Hoang and Tyler Butler are reunited!

“More than ever, your audience gets to define a little bit of what your brand is. If you want to be very successful on social, you can tell your audience who you are and they can confirm it, argue it, help shape parts of it. Your audience will tell you if they believe what you’re saying.” – Tyler Jack Butler

“One of the amazing things is looking at how much can be conveyed in what seems like a trivial, pretty background with words post. No people are learning deep, complex, challenging issues and having discussions in comments. This is where the discourse is happening.” – Tyler Jack Butler 

“If your organization isn’t currently doing ‘less is more’, that’s something you should consider. Perhaps gone are the days that you think you need 5x Twitter posts per week or something. Ask yourself why?” – Linda Hoang 

“Audiences are increasingly sick of influencer’s bullshit and not being afraid to say why aren’t you afraid to talk about this or why aren’t you using your platform for this or why are you being irresponsible so I think there will be a lot more accountability for influencers in 2021.”

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