Don’t Call Me a Guru is a monthly podcast about social media strategy, from a social media strategist, featuring social media people.

The podcast originally started October 2016 with two co-hosts, Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang, and as of November 2018, shifted to a single host (Linda). (We’re still best of friends—you can follow Tyler on social media @tylerjackbutler.)

About Linda Hoang

Linda Hoang is a seasoned social media strategist and one of Alberta’s most recognizable bloggers/content creators. She owns Linda Hoang Digital, where she works with clients to develop social media strategy, content plans, and delivers social media training. Her digital experience is wide ranging, from organic social media content creation to paid social media advertising, blogging, writing, website development (project management), brand building and influencer marketing. As a popular food, travel and lifestyle blogger, Linda regularly work with companies on brand partnerships, developing engaging content (blogs, social media posts, videos and photography), and helping brands achieve their goals. Linda is also the founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival, the only event of its kind in Alberta, and was the only event of its kind in Canada when it first began in 2014.

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