Episode 43: Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

In Episode 43 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, Linda has a Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen, host of Real Talk—one of Canada’s most popular news, politics, and pop culture talk shows. 

Ryan Jespersen is an Edmonton broadcaster, podcaster, and social media content creator. Real Talk is an independent, daily, online, livestreaming podcast and YouTube show that launched in November 2020, just a few months after Ryan was let go from his mainstream radio broadcasting gig. Ryan has worked in media, news and broadcasting for years and has seen significant success since going out on his own and in this episode, Ryan shares insights on the role social media has played in the success of his show, ways to manage online criticisms and negativity, building authentic personal online brands, podcast tips, and more!

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Here’s just a few excerpts and insights shared in Episode 43:

“Why do we care? I always ask that question to myself. Figure out why people should care about your podcast and you have to be able to describe your podcast in one sentence.” 

“Invest in your brand a little bit. Identify your audience. Where are there. What are they looking for. Engage!”

“This audience that shows up live, every morning, at ryanjespersen.com (shameless plug), I think a sociology student should study this audience. We call them the Real Talkers. I see it before we go live, in the live chat, people are saying good morning, complete strangers, who are now friends because we gather in community every day. This is incredible.”

“As we see these discouraging headlines, you see all of these layoffs… everyone should see this (Real Talk) as an example that it is doable, executable, we did it from the moment I got fired suddenly to the moment I was back was seven weeks, it’s doable. Go for it.” 

plus for the Real Talk community, get a sneak peek of talk show swag, learn more about Ryan’s plans for a bigger media company, and more! 

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