Episode 44: Things we don’t like on social media right now, plus why we love TikTok

In Episode 44 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, Linda is joined by former co-host (still co-host? occasional co-host?) Tyler Jack Butler for a Social Conversation on a range of topics, including features we don’t like about Instagram and Facebook Ads, the role of social media strategists, and many reasons why we LOVE TikTok (plus insights for organizations considering using the platform). 

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Here’s just a few excerpts and insights shared in Episode 44:

“Something we can always ask ourselves is, what are the assumptions I’m making about what everyone in the room knows and how can I bring them along in the journey to remind folks of best practices or share things that might be new for others.” – Tyler Jack Butler

“The best idea on social is often kind of sitting there waiting for you. You know it’s good when it’s really obvious, like of course we should be doing that. It takes a skillset to recognize that everyday opportunity.” – Tyler Jack Butler

“One of the biggest challenges of working in social is that often the team you’re going to be in, you will not be able to break it down by different people and specializations and you will have to know a little bit about every single platform, or a little bit about this and that.” – Linda Hoang

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