Episode 42: Influencer Disclosure and Trends Discussion with Ad Standards Canada

In Episode 42 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, Linda shares excerpts from her chat with Jani Yates, President of the Advertising Standards Canada, during the March 2021 iMEDIA Digital Marketing Conference.

Jani shares influencer marketing trends, discusses unions for influencers and content creators, potential disclosure emojis, best practices, and more! 

Jani Is a leader in the Canadian Advertising Industry with more than 30 Years experience. The Ad Standards of Canada Is a self regulatory body that works to ensure the integrity and viability of advertising in Canada and over the years has become the official source for Canadian Influencer Disclosure Guidelines.

Note: At the March 2021 iMEDIA Conference, the iMEDIA brand was retired and Takeaway was launched! Takeaway is an educational community that provides meaningful and actionable education for the doers in digital communications. Visit the Takeaway website to sign-up for updates and connect with them on social media @itsyourtakeaway to find your next Takeaway. 

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Here’s just a few excerpts and influencer marketing insights shared in Episode 42:

“Is it always going to be #ad? It’s not prescriptive. We’ve done that purposefully. When you are working in partnership, it might be “in partnership,” we wanted to make it flexible. What I would love to do, would it not be great to have some form of emoji so that the minute people see it, they know this post has been sponsored.” 

“I think it is the future. The level of sophistication when it comes to influencers, just think where we were three years ago to now. It is now considered a viable marketing mix. It’s important.”

“By 2017, I thought, this is interesting because the complaints in the influencer area were not Canadians commenting about influencers, it was influencers complaining about other influencers or calling them out by saying you’re not using disclosure, and I thought that was interesting.” 

“That word genuine is an indication that influencers have now gone to the next level of marketing. You’re seeing influencers “genuinfluencers”—companies using influencers for topics like vaccines or things that are more serious.” 

“The union of actors in the States has just created a division for influencers. They’re seeing where the money is going. Advertising funds are going into digital area and influencers. As independents, freelancers, you don’t necessarily have benefits or pension. The union has created this area for influencers because they’re recognizing that this is the future so by creating a foundation for influencers they can become part of a union and have all the back-up and safety that you would have if you were working in a company.”

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