Episode 39: Behind the Scenes of Some Good News (SGN) Social Media with Alberta Agency Arcade

In Episode 39 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, host Linda Hoang chats Mike and Mitzi Payne of Alberta creative agency Arcade, about their work managing social media for the global brand Some Good News (SGN) starring actor John Krasinski. The duo share their approach and lessons learned working on SGN social media, plus advice for those doing social for organizations that may not be as obviously fun 😉

This episode was recorded and produced virtually via Zoom, so, apologies for the less than perfect, but actually not too bad, audio quality!

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Here’s just a few excerpts from the conversation with Mike and Mitzi:

“You don’t have to do everything well. To bring in the right people is really what makes your product overall look the best.”

“Whether your client is boring or exciting or it’s B2C or B2B, whatever it is, there’s always opportunities to innovate and be creative and make it interesting.”

“We all moved really fast. We assembled a bit of a newsroom among our team. We hand one person manning Twitter, one person manning DMs, one person manning what we’d post on the feed and our design team working on graphics and developing a brand and Internet movement.”

“There was so much positivity floating around and so many great submissions coming through, we had a blast working with John’s team crafting a theme or narrative each week to keep the positivity flowing.”

About Some Good News

Some Good News is a popular web series created in 2020 and initially hosted by actor and filmmaker John Krasinski, that became a source for good news stories from around the world.

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About Arcade 

Arcade is a digital-forward creative agency specializing in strategy, content, and distribution.

Follow Arcade on Facebook | Instagram

About Mike Payne

From building agencies and launching campaigns, to growing relationships and taking names, Mike’s career has intentionally revolved around consumer experience, content strategy, and e-commerce. He’s a partner, co-founder, and leading client services at Arcade, a digital-forward creative agency specializing in strategy, content production, and distribution. Arcade has been featured in publications like Fast Company, is hot off a Webby Award for our work with John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”. He’s driven to help his peers and customers leverage technology, community, and digital platforms to turn attention into influence, grow, and get where they’re trying to go. He’s also an active public speaker on stages including TEDx and Next Big Thing, and co-host of the Waves Social Podcast.

About Mitzi Payne

Mitzi is a digital marketer and social media expert committed to helping brands engage with the online world. Armed with a journalism degree and a strong desire to make the internet a better place, Mitzi jumped into the world of marketing in 2010. From growth hacking for an online EdTech platform to launching a website and digital marketing strategy at a luxury lifestyle magazine to managing a community of die-hard Indie Rock fans, and even covering the U.S. presidential election in Washington, D.C., Mitzi has spent her entire career staying on the pulse of social media. She’s a partner, co-founder, and leading marketing strategies at Arcade, a digital-forward creative agency. When she’s not staring at her phone, Mitzi is spending quality time with her husband and 2-year old daughter and running away to the mountains.

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