Episode 35: iMEDIA Call-In Extravaganza (Digital Marketing Tips from a Range of Experts)

In Episode 35 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, host Linda Hoang is joined by former co-host and co-founder Tyler Jack Butler, along with a cast of characters in a special iMEDIA Call-In Extravaganza Episode featuring digital and social media marketing tips from experts who would have spoken at the 2020 iMEDIA Conference had it not been postponed due to COVID-19. We also discuss social and crisis comms related to COVID-19!

Excuse the poor and differing audio quality, this episode was recorded creatively using Google Hangouts. Give us extra points for creativity!

Thanks to special guests:

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Episode 35: iMEDIA Call-In Extravaganza (Digital Marketing Tips from a Range of Experts)!

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Podcast Credits:

  • Doug Hoyer (@doughoyerDougHoyer.Bandcamp.com) – created the Don’t Call Me a Guru music
  • Rory Lee (@rorzle, RoryLeeDesign.com) – designer of the Don’t Call Me a Guru logo
  • THIS EPISODE WAS HAPHAZARDLY PUT TOGETHER BY TYLER JACK BUTLER AND LINDA HOANG! Normally the audio quality is much better, lol. Check past episodes.
  • NAIT Radio and Television Broadcasting Studios – podcast studio location

Let us know what you’d like to hear on our future episodes, and be sure to share feedback on what you thought of this one!

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