Episode 4: How are Teens Using Social Media?

In Episode 4 of Don’t Call Me a Guru, we sat down with 13-year-old and 15-year-old teenagers to really delve into how they’re using social media.


Linda’s teenage cousins Catie and Meghan shared some truly fascinating insights. We covered topics including:

  • What are teens’ favourite social networks and why?
  • Do teens like to follow and engage with brands on social media?
  • Do teens like to follow and engage with influencers on social media?
  • What do teens think about livestreaming and video?
  • How is social media used in school?
  • What type of youthful slang is still okay to use?

For social media marketers, there’s a lot of interesting tidbits you can pull and figure out how to apply to your existing content strategy (especially if your target audience is teens!)

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In our next episode, Tyler and Linda will discuss livestreaming!

Let us know what you’d like to hear on our future episodes, and give us feedback on what you thought of this one! What trends do you see taking off in 2017?

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