Episode 2: Social Media for Non-Profits

In Episode 2 of Don’t Call Me a Guru, we have a great conversation about social media in the non-profit sector with Devin Komarniski, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Bissell Centre.


Devin has worked in Edmonton’s non-profit sector for over 10 years, focusing the last six in marketing and communications for Hope Mission and Bissell Centre. Through his personal and professional online personalities, Devin has brought homelessness issues to the forefront.

Devin empowers Edmontonians step up and take action to help end homelessness through successful campaigns like #TweetForHope, #ReStoreBissell, and #DropYourGonch.

Along with managing Bissell Centre’s Marketing & Communications Department, Devin and his wife Krista own and operate a wedding DJ business called Newley Sound Service.


Here’s a sampling of some of Devin’s non-profit insights from Episode 2:

    • How should you activate your community? Boldly ask. Assume people want to help, rather than assuming they don’t.
    • Make lists of people who showed up (to your event), retweeted, or made comments. It’s really taking note of who has supported in the past to have them involved in the future.
    • Consider negative comments to be opportunities. Turn someone who is angry at you into an advocate.
    • When it comes to ensuring social media tone consistency, put examples of successful tweets into a document for reference. Search your non-profit against relevant topics to see how it was communicated in past years. Look at the past and tweak for the future.
    • I encourage any non-profit to wake up and realize people are online, and it’s easier now than ever to unify people around your cause.

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For Episode 3, we’ll be talking about social media and politics with popular political blogger Dave Cournoyer.

Let us know what you’d like to hear on our future episodes, and give us feedback on what you thought of this one!

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