Episode 1: The Beginning

Welcome to Don’t Call Me a Guru!

Two friends who spend a lot of time on and thinking about social media decided they wanted to get together to record a social media podcast. This is it!

We are Tyler Jack Butler (@tylerjackbutler) and Linda Hoang (@lindork).

snapchat-tylerjackbutler snapchat-filter-lindork-linda-hoang

We’ll be putting out a new episode at the end of each month and hope you find our discussion and insights useful and applicable to your own social media work. We also hope to feature/interview others working in the social marketing field so you should get some fresh takes on a range of social media topics.

Here’s a sampling of some of what we talk about in our first episode:

Listen below, and/or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play!

Podcast Credits:

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For Episode 2, we’ll be talking all things social media for non-profits, and have our first guest on the show: Devin Komarniski, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Bissell Centre.

We’ll also try to reduce the number of times we say “um.”

Hope you tune in!


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